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Knee Pads

Qty. Model- Product Image Item Name Price
3 93082 Knee Keeper 2 Kneepads

Knee Keeper 2 Kneepads

The Bucket Boss Knee Keepers2 Knee Pads are another great light weight, do it around the home type of knee pad. Used mainly to protect your knees...
Retail Price: $9.24
You save: $1.08  (12%)
Our Price: $8.16


4 93081 Knee Keeper Kneepads

Knee Keeper Kneepads

Bucket Boss Knee Keepers Knee Pads are perfect for small jobs around the home or garden. Light weight, but durable enough to protect your knees from...
Retail Price: $9.24
You save: $1.08  (12%)
Our Price: $8.16


3 92015 Mojo Kneepads

Mojo Kneepads

Air Gel Mojo Knee Pads Non-marring, non-slip kneepads Squishy-soft Air-Gel cushioning system Patented DRYZ lining absorbs sweat and carries it away...
Retail Price: $30.35
You save: $10.81  (36%)
Our Price: $19.54


3 92012 Power Pad Kneepads

Power Pad Kneepads

This kneepad has an exclusive XL hard-shell cap with 60% more contact area thantraditional pads. Also come with medical grade elastic. Exclusive XL...
Retail Price: $19.29
You save: $5.16  (27%)
Our Price: $14.13


17 93012 Power Pad Soft-Shell Kneepads

Power Pad Soft-Shell Kneepads

Non-marring soft-shell, rugged double elastic straps with Tread pattern to help grip surfaces. Stitched down cap keeps out debris. Non-marring...
Retail Price: $21.62
You save: $5.73  (27%)
Our Price: $15.89


0 92013 Pro Leather Kneepads

Pro Leather Kneepads

Durable Thick leather cap with absorbent felt lining, comes with an adjustable leather straps with buckles, Riveted stress points for added strength....
Retail Price: $24.13
You save: $6.44  (27%)
Our Price: $17.69

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11 91012 Pro Pad Kneepads

Pro Pad Kneepads

Great for DIYers - Stitched-on swivel cap, Extra-long straps, Medical grade elastic for durability. Stitched-on swivel capExtra-long strapsMedical...
Retail Price: $19.29
You save: $5.16  (27%)
Our Price: $14.13


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