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Dalluge Framing Hammers

Dalluge hammers weren't designed to look pretty hanging on the garage walls of part-time weekend warriors. They were built specifically for professionals, skilled tradesmen who put them to the test day in and day out. The way we see it, all hammers are built to deliver a pounding. What separates Dalluge hammers is their ability to take one. That's what makes Dalluge hammers "tradesman tough."

Dalluge hammers offer superior balance for greater accuracy and reduced arm fatigue. First, the pronunciation. It's "Dug-Loo-gee." And if it sounds different, that's because it is different. In fact, for dead-center accuracy and pure striking power, Dalluge decking and framing hammers are in a class by themselves. Designed by a professional carpenter for professional carpenters, Dalluge hits the word "balance right on the nose, with a head to handle weight ratio so precise, you'll swear you're swinging a much lighter hammer. The result is surer, deeper, more powerful nail driving, with less strain on the arm and shoulder. Dalluge. OK, so it's a little tough to pronounce. But it's one tough hammer.

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